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Ten years ago James Kim, the Executive Director and founder of BEAT, was struck by a seemingly simple but ultimately profound idea while DJing an event for the Lavelle School for the Blind. After witnessing the students come alive while dancing and humming to the beat of the music, he imagined a class that taught beatboxing to youth and people with disabilities so they can tap into their own human instrument. And that’s how the first class at Lavelle started in the Fall of 2009!

Since then, a decade of commitment of James and the entire BEAT family has led to one of the most innovative Hip-Hop based arts education programs today! We have provided unique Hip Hop-based music, dance, and lyricism programs at local schools, community centers, and public institutions.

You can help us unleash the creative potential of all children, regardless of their background or physical/developmental ability!

Donations of any amount support high-quality programming for youth in underserved areas. BEAT Global is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, and all contributions are tax deductible.

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